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Gramercy Place

Gramercy Place was an extensively renovated 1920s home.  No surface was left untouched and the results were pretty incredible.

Take a look at the gallery of images for inspiration.

W Karyn R Millet Mg 3668 R
W Karyn R Millet Mg 3910 R
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Pillow Talk

There are easy ways to dress up your boudoir without breaking the bank.  Just using your pillow shams from the bedding set won’t suffice.

In these images of recent work, you can see how layering patterns, textures in materials, and sizing gives you sanctuary life and interest.

Pillow Ws Wes 15
Pillow W Karyn R Millet Rm 5244 R
Pillow W Karyn R Millet Rm 5033 R
Pillow W X Karyn R Millet Rm 8290 R
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