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Bold Patterns

Here are a few great examples of taking risks with patterns.  In otherwise very simple and muted rooms, the pillows, rugs, throw blankets, and artwork bring character to the space.  That doesn’t always mean it is a ‘young’ look.  Patterns can look sophisticated too.  Take a look.

Bold Ws Wes 22
Bold W Wes 38
Bold Ws Wes 20

Set The Table

Whether you’re entertaining or not, your dining table should always have some type of dressing.  If you’re not actually using the space, that’s okay but there is no excuse not to set up a display of floral arrangements or a cluster of vases. 

If you are hosting but don’t want to do something too overwhelming, try a mixture of glass and metal candlestick holders in varying heights and a serving tray for displaying your nosh.  And don’t forget the libations--those should always be close by.

W Karyn R Millet Mg 3605 R
W Karyn R Millet Rm 4766 R
W Karyn R Millet Rm 5391 R